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The most common theme when it comes to people's positive mindset is that it tends to fall off after a period of time. The motivation to eat better, get physically fit, improve their stress levels, and all other aspects of wellness can fade over time, and eventually old habits come back and the journey is at a crossroads.

Curiosity can be the driving force in avoiding those crossroads. By being curious about the wellness journey, there is much more opportunity to change gears and adapt. It could be that the nutrition plan is starting to feel mundane and bland, leading to overeating or falling back into unhealthy snacking habits. Curiosity towards new ways to prepare current foods or exploring a new food genre altogether can boost a nutrition plan to incredible heights. Sick of eating chicken and rice? How about learning how to stir fry or become a sauce master, so that you can kick that dish up a few notches?

Ripple Changemakers can not only help plan out a routine to get employees travelling down the path to better wellness, but they can help cultivate a culture of curiosity and wonder that will keep everyone on track and traveling down the road, allowing them to avoid the speed bumps and traffic jams that they may encounter along the wellness road. Think of the Changemakers like wellness GPS, guiding toward an end goal of positivity and better health.

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