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BerryDunn recently took a very positive step when it comes to their employees wellness journeys by asking Ripple Changemaker, Dr. Kathy Cohen to hold her self-created workshop You Can Do Anything, Except Everything. Using her years as a clinical psychologist, combined with her life and executive coach experience, Dr. Cohen has developed a working knowledge of the relationship between self-care, time management and creating space for what matters, which the team at BerryDunn saw as extremely valuable for their company and its employees to have exposure to.

Within the workshop were teachings of what contributes to burnout, how it not only affects the employee, but those around them. Employees were also educated on what self-care looks like and the way it can improve productivity in both silos of life, professional and personal.

Most importantly, how to incorporate intuitive self-care in a busy workday, which is often found to be the hardest thing of all, was illustrated in great detail.

Dr. Cohen believes that by taking small steps backward, it allows for the creation of the room necessary to make big leaps forward along the path to better wellness.

For more information on Dr. Cohen’s programming, please visit our website.

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