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By offering interactive workshops, Ripple Changemakers can make a connection with employees that will resonate far beyond anything a simple webinar could ever hope to achieve. Covering a variety of topics, such as mindfulness, nutrition, stress relief, communication, movement and much more, employers can pick which topics are going to best suit their workforce and provide the guidance needed for a healthier future.

The Ripple workshops have been beneficial to many employees that have needed a push to get their wellness journey started, or others that may have strayed from the path and need a compass back to the road.

Working parents have enjoyed workshops that help them find the correct balance between a busy work life and an ever changing home environment.

Having the ability to tailor workshops to specific needs is something that sets Ripple and the Changemakers apart from other wellness programs. Employees will feel a connection and want to experience the better situations that Ripple can provide for them.

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