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At Ripple, our philosophy is that the workplace supports employee health, not diminish it. The number one reason employees report not being able to sleep has to do with workplace stress. This is why establishing a healthy culture around sleep is important for the bottom line.

By allowing employees to feel in control of their time and projects, businesses can alleviate stress associated with sleepless nights. Studies suggest that sleep is critical for cognitive thinking, complex decision making and overall brain health.

FitBit Health Solutions estimates that roughly 1 in 3 adults report one or more symptoms of insomnia, causing an estimated $2,280 productivity loss per employee annually. That translates to $63.2 billion dollars per year in the US.

Businesses can invest in wellness programs that provide strategies related to stress management, nutritional behavior, physical activity, mindful meditation and self compassion, which will help to mitigate the stresses of the everyday work grind and support a healthy culture of sleep.

Work will always have its stressful moments, but a focused wellness program will empower organizations to rewrite their sleep stance, making sleep cool again, breaking away from the outdated thought that sleeping was lazy and unproductive.

Now go out and enjoy your day with the extra hour of sleep you just got.

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