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In a fully remote working environment, developing a strong bond with co-workers can be difficult, but is still a very important part of workplace happiness, especially for millennials.

Entrepreneur Magazine contributor Lisa Evans highlights the importance of workplace friendships. Strong social networks have been reported to cause 60% more happiness for employees.

Ripple Changemakers have the expertise to guide employees toward developing strong social connections with co-workers, even if they have never met face to face. By helping employees recognize what they value as an employee and a person and how that can align with their colleagues, it makes it easier to find common ground and start to develop the foundation for a solid friendship. Zoom sessions, skype chats, and email conversations are incredibly effective ways to get to know someone and Changemakers can assist in unlocking that potential to help build a social circle that benefits the workforce and the business at the same time, even if that circle is spread across multiple time zones. After all, a coffee and a conversation knows no time limit.

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