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So often, the thought of something simple being a vehicle for a much larger positive change is rejected. The old thought process that things which are going to make the biggest impact need to be complicated and difficult in order to be worth anything is another huge hurdle in the path to better wellness.

Ripple Changemakers Emily Silver and Jamie O’Day have developed a program for work parents that addresses the needs of both the employee and the employer, without over burdening the HR department or the exhausted new caregivers. Nurture by NAPS focuses on education workshops, on-demand virtual content and access to registered nurses to help overcome individualized challenges that may present during day to day life.

Over the course of a few months, Ripple has been able to track outcomes, utilization, and, most importantly, foster an internal community that supports the working parent.

This introductory program, though small in size has had a definite ripple effect throughout organizations and has helped many new parents to rest a little easier, which is always a welcome sight for overtired eyes.

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