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The first step in bringing positivity and joy back into work life is to understand why it has disappeared. While it is easy to just blanket statement “The Pandemic,” taking a closer look at what specifically has occurred to cause negative feelings is essential to not just breaking out of the current funk, but hopefully avoiding future times of similar feelings.

The article Rediscover Joy at Work talks about the four factors of malaise, with one of them being the inability to play to strengths.

With the pandemic rolling on, employees and business leaders have been in survival mode for over 18 months, oftentimes just doing what needs to be done as efficiently and practically as possible. This “by any means necessary” approach has stifled the ability to focus on things that give people joy within work, because those factors are sometimes moved to the back burner in an effort to get everything done.

Ripple can help employees find the time and energy necessary to not only get the job done, but get it done in ways that benefit both themselves and the business. Through coaching and education, Changemakers can show employees new ways to approach the current issues facing them at work and how to apply what they know already to solve them, as well as learning new ways to get through the new roadblocks. By being creative and open minded, employees can find new avenues to a more joyous work day, while continuing to adapt to the pandemic work world that is still occurring all around them.

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