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Ripple Changemaker Julie Nicoletti can help a workforce find the key to unlock the mystery of proper nutrition. What is Nutrition? Why is Hydration important? How can nutrition help boost immunity and resiliency? When should meals and snacks be eaten? These are all stressful questions to try and answer for people, but Ripple can help.

A big part of proper nutrition revolves around snack time. By providing nourishment to mind and body throughout the day, the energy needed to get through the next zoom call is there. Also, proper snacking can help stabilize blood sugar levels and help to avoid overeating during the next meal.

Preparation is one of the main ingredients to a proper snacking routine. By planning the types of nutritious snacks and when they will be eaten, you can avoid grabbing something that is not good for you, because most of the easy snacks are junk.

There are so many things to stress about when it comes to nutrition and so many ways to go down the wrong path when it comes to snacks, let Ripple help you take the stress out of eating properly.

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