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Does your smile look like a smirk? Do you have an angry resting face when you are thinking? Do you say one thing but your eyes suggest another? These are questions that should be thought about in some capacity by all members of the workforce.

In the current climate of video calls, weak wi-fi connections, and the general lack of shared office space, non-verbal communication is becoming less and less of a factor in the daily work life for many employees. While it may have less of a role in the day to day interaction, it is not completely lost, so managers need to be wary of what messages they are sending, especially to employees in more junior roles.

It takes an analysis of all facets of communication, including facial expression, tone of voice, hand gestures, body position, and the overall focus on the message. By becoming more mindful of communication, it becomes easier to ensure that the correct message is being delivered without a mix up of signals or intentions.

By better understanding yourself, you can create a company culture that can literally send the right messages, even in the present virtual world.

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