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“Get your priorities straight.” This iconic line has been heard for years, especially by employees who might be struggling to get a hold of their work/life balance. Though it seems to be fairly easy advice to follow, actually getting priorities straight is one of the biggest challenges for people who are trying to better their wellness.

Ripple Changemaker Dr. Kathy Cohen has Setting Priorities as part of her Time Management workshop because of its importance to an individual's wellness journey. By asking the question, What is important to me? Dr. Cohen’s workshop will allow the employee to be better at determining how to best go about conquering the elusive time management race.

It may be the case that an employee has too many priorities and the ability to keep to all of them is just not realistic. Other times there may not be enough priorities and the motivation can be lacking or the lack of value in priorities can make distractions from achieving them hard to ignore.

There is also the task of trying to separate urgency from importance, and focusing on the wrong priorities can lead down a road that is wrought with frustration.

By being able to sort through the minefield that is getting priorities straight, the tasks at hand become much more manageable in both the working environment and everyday life. It also can allow for a much easier recovery when something goes crooked, because as everyone knows, no wellness journey will ever be a straight line path.

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