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  • Hannah Burns



When people are in competition with others, trying to be better than someone can often become the sole focus of the situation. People often lose sight of what they have accomplished, especially if they have failed to beat others within the competition or contest.

An employee who is doing incredibly well on their wellness path, eating much better, sleeping more hours, working more efficiently will often not recognize the positive changes they have implemented in their lives if they are comparing themselves to a co-worker who seems to be doing better than they are. Same thing goes for physical activity. Someone could run a 5k and set their personal best by 3 minutes, but if their training partner runs faster, it is often seen as a loss to the partner, not an incredible achievement for setting the personal best.

That is the danger of competition and a reason why Changemakers are so valuable to a businesses wellness plan. By knowing how to encourage competition, but coach employees on how to be competitive without losing sight of the end goal and the victories along the way, Ripple brings a unique perspective and expertise to the corporate world. People can push each other to achieve almost anything, but the ability to make sure they do not push too far is what sets Ripple apart from the rest.

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