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Supporting and investing in arguably a company’s most valuable asset, it’s people, deserves the same rigor as deciding the business's next strategic move. Revisiting Advanced Competitive Strategies, INC founder and CEO Mark Chussil’s suggestion that businesses approach changes in wellness strategies as if they were thinking of ways to improve the company strategies.

If you expect market conditions to be different for a prolonged period, you should be more open to a new strategy. Thinking of it from a wellness standpoint, if you are working remotely indefinitely, consider investing in home office equipment to make your work from home environment more productive and comfortable.

If you expect structural changes in your market, consider strategy changes. Applying that to wellness, if your bad knee is prohibiting you from running, consider alternate workouts, including swimming, rowing or riding a bike.

If you feel the weight of the managerial imperative to do something, pause before you obey. How about when you hear about a quick fix diet plan on instagram, maybe do some further research before you commit to it and become disappointed by your snap decision.

Lastly, if you are unhappy with your current strategy’s performance, ask yourself why a potential new strategy would improve results. Similarly, if you are unhappy with your current health, ask yourself why you are unhappy, what got you to the point, who you ultimately want to be and how to get yourself there.

Ripple Changemakers have the expertise and resources to facilitate the wellness strategy, allowing for business owners to invest intelligently in their workforce, so that their business can operate full throttle to achieve all the goals of the future.

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