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A recent study by the Society for Human Resources states that job-related stress is America’s leading workplace health problem, per the CDC. Productivity losses from stress induced absence cost employers $$225.8 billion, or $1,685 per employee, each year.

Stress is not easily understood at any level. The causes can be intensely complex and trying to understand the source is even more intricate. Sarah Harmon, Ripple’s resident psychotherapist, mindfulness teacher and yoga instructor, explains; “While physical practices and what we do has a significant impact on our overall health, we often forget about our habits of thinking and how we choose to be in an uncertain environment.”

Wake up to Wellness: Integrating Mindfulness in Everyday, Sarah’s series on mindfulness, introduces how mindfulness is not just one more thing employees need to do, but actually a shift in their mindset to practicing a different way of being.

Practical exercises and techniques that will provide a foundation of being, enhance or re-spark one’s mindfulness practice, and improve both their personal and professional lives are the basis of this interactive educational series.

Employees will be armed with the tools to be their own stress manager, allowing them the ability to get in front of the stress and stop it from snowballing into a much larger issue.

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