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Trust will forever be the great equalizer when it comes to any wellness journey. It is a two way street with a four way stop at the intersection and can drive an employee in many different ways. This is why it is so important to have trust within any relationship, both with a wellness coach and internally.

An employee can have the greatest intentions of getting better with their wellness journey. They can commit the time, make sure they have the fuel for the journey, and want more than anything to succeed, but if there is not trust in themselves that they can do it, that they deserve it, that it is worth it, it will be a series of starts and stops, without anything concrete ever taking hold.

The same can be said when it comes to trust with the wellness coach and program that is laid out in front of them. If there is not a belief that their goal is what the program is tailored for or that the coach understands them and is committed to what the employee wants and not just trying to push the coach's agenda or program, this journey will never start down the road.

Ripple Changemakers have the ability to connect and understand the employee as an individual and to build bridges of trust that will allow for positive differences, whatever the employee needs those positive differences to lead them toward.

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