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The holiday season always brings with it a distraction from the normal life routine. People are often inundated with great food and opportunity to over indulge in many different ways. It also brings with it a lack of focus on the fitness journey that has been traveled for the other ten months of the year. The holidays are often thought of as a reward for getting through the year and time to break from the routine, but by removing the routine, peak cognitive performance can be sacrificed. The routine is a delicate balance of discipline and using the body in new and intentional ways.

Tim Tobin, VP of Leadership at Marriott mentions how to support the three areas of fitness; physical, mental, and social.

Proper nutrition and exercise are the best ways to support physical fitness. Avoiding deprivation, overuse, and over consumption should be the focus during the holiday season

Give one compliment a day. That is it, just one compliment a day and you will be coaching those around you and supporting your social fitness.

Supporting mental fitness is as simple as practicing the previous two support areas, while making sure you are getting a good night’s sleep and taking time to reflect, unwind, and connect with those around you and yourself.

There are many ways to expel your energy during the holiday season, some positive and some negative, and by focusing on your three phases of fitness, you are enabling yourself to continue along your wellness path, even if that path is paved with sugar plums and awash with mulled wine.

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