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Unmentionables...some might think this refers to the garments that live in the top drawer of a bedroom bureau, but in the Wellness world, this term has a much more important definition.

Stress that derives from all aspects of life; workplace, relationship, caregiver, financial, et al. are all reasons that people are unhealthy. In a recent WELCOA interview, Eliza Corporation President Alexandra Drane talked about the unmentionables, which she described as non-traditional determinants of health

If a person is struggling to complete work projects, experiencing strain in a marriage or personal relationship, dealing with a sick family member, or struggling to pay their mortgage, the last thing on their mind is focusing on the wellness journey.

Unmentionables is a phenomenal way to refer to these stresses because they have not traditionally been part of the workplace wellness conversation. Employees are expected to check their feelings and problems at the door and focus solely on work tasks, which is becoming increasingly difficult, especially during a pandemic, where the “door” to the office is often a door in the home.

From all this comes an amazing opportunity for a business to invest in their employees by talking about health in a holistic way. Asking about an employee’s overall health may help them feel comfortable enough to voice their unmentionables, no matter if they are physical, mental, financial, spiritual, or all of the above plus more, businesses can help create an environment that promotes positive change and offers support and structure to someone who might be struggling to dig themselves out of a hole.

Life has a remarkable ability to get in the way of everything, be it a wellness journey, personal development, or just overall general happiness. By having an open dialogue with employees about the unmentionables that are blocking the process of getting better, businesses can provide an invaluable resource that will benefit both the workforce and the bottom line.

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