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Something that often can stifle creativity is the fear of chaos. So often businesses and employees are drawn to the “well this is how we have always done it” mentality, going against what is ‘normal’ feels too risky.

The chaos theory also comes into play when thinking about a wellness program. Will it be too much of a change? Will people be interested in participating? Is it going to shake up too many things within HR, the executive team or the employee community as a whole?

Ripple and the Changemakers will avoid the chaos by being facilitators, not dictators. Changemakers will ask questions to understand the needs of not just the employees, but how the program relates to the business as a whole. By starting from a place of empathy, Ripple avoids the chaos and instead can develop programs that educate and empower employees and businesses. There is no mass overhaul or mandates to environments, just adjustments and coaching to help the positive wellness journey prosper.

So often things like wellness adventures get lost because the full throttle, get it all done at once approach is taken, and that can cause a huge splash in the life of everyone involved. By using programs that implore small changes and adjustments, building upon each other to reach that final goal, the Ripple effect can be seen, and that is what we are here for.

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