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  • Hannah Burns


Updated: Mar 4, 2021


Of the five programs that businesses are reallocating benefit investment efforts toward, three of them are mental health focused. Meditation, mindfulness, and stress management/resilience are joined by telemedicine and COVID-19 wellness in a report by Wellable in the 2021 Employee Wellness Industry Trends.

Ripple Changemakers can assist employees by teaching them to better manage emotions, challenge the historical thinking patterns to help avoid the dreaded “loop” effect, build better relationships, and deal with the day in and day out stress they face.

Not all mental health issues can be solved this way, with some needing the help of licensed therapists, but by investing in their employees mental well beings, businesses can help provide the boost that some employees need to get themselves out of the hole, or at least allow them the state of mind that if they cannot do it alone, they do not need to anymore.

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