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It is rare that you find someone who is completely comfortable with speaking in front of a crowd. Public speaking is one of the most nerve wracking experiences for some people and for many others it is a very uncomfortable activity that can cause feelings of anxiety and dread.

The good news for those of us, most of us, that dislike speaking in front of an audience, there are ways to improve public speaking skills by focusing on trying to change that nervous energy into productive energy:

  • Take a few deep breaths, mindfully noting your breaths in and out.

  • Visualize - Similar to sports or mediation, imagine performing the presentation incredibly well.

  • Remember why you are nervous - Why are you here? Why are you excited about this opportunity? What are the positives that will come out of this public speaking engagement?

  • Song Vibes - Throw on the headphones and do a low key dance in the bathroom before performing, it will make you happy, we promise.

Not everyone was born to be a performer, but in the corporate world, there are times that it is required. Instead of letting your mind take you to a bad place, have some self compassion and tune out all the negative noise and tell yourself you got this, you are a star, and those in front of you are lucky to hear your words...just do not envision people in their underwear, the HR team has enough going on.

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