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Asking questions starts almost as soon as a child starts talking, as information is presented in waves to eager young minds.

Unfortunately, at least for some people, learning seems to stop after they are “grown up”. Something about being out in the real world stifles the creative process, which in turn stops the learning process.

People are so busy with what they are doing that they do not have time or desire to learn because it can be difficult and time consuming, and those are things that cause people to give up easily and return to the status quo.

At Ripple, we recognize that employees need to be in an “active” state of mind, ready to put in the effort to learn new habits, new approaches to fitness, nutrition, and self-care.

Ripple Changemakers are equipped to be the teachers everyone loved back when they were in school. Engaging and enthusiastic about the lessons they are giving, so that everyone can recapture some of that creative wonder that helped them grow and thrive.

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