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Ripple Chagemakers are here so that employees and business leaders do not have to go through anything alone. Oftentimes, the isolation that is felt in a business setting is because employees feel like they should be dealing with their issues on their own. Managers also can get overwhelmed by this feeling because of the thinking that employees will be looking to them as a source of strength and dependability.

By having someone to open up to, share struggles, relate to on tough days, and, in some cases, help along their journey, employees and managers can restore some of that sense of authenticity that they feel has been left behind.

Changemakers can be the initial foundation for this communication, helping the business build a strong structure of support for everyone involved. Joy at work should not be treated as a luxury, employees and managers both need to be happy to be productive members of the business. Ripple can help everyone find that joy again.

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