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Looking at the current job market, employees are in the driver’s seat for the first time in a while, which is tough on businesses looking to hire the best candidates.

“We’re in the hardest hiring and retention environment of the last 25 years,” said Matt Watson, CEO of Origin. “It’s a challenging time because of how much choice employees have. If you want to be a place where people bring their talent, you have to take care of them holistically.”

One way that companies can attract the top candidates is by offering training and development opportunities that will allow them to advance their careers. Employees are also looking for wellness programs that will help them find meaning in their work, create supportive company culture and teach time management and proper work/life balance.

Ripple is helping to redefine corporate wellness, bringing the necessary programs to the forefront for companies looking to fill their open roles with top candidates. By showing that they have the best interest of their employees in mind, businesses can differentiate themselves from the rest.

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