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The change-up is a very effective pitch for anyone who takes the mound because it is a different approach. Pitchers try to throw as hard as they can, and the hitter is geared up to hit a fastball, but all of a sudden the ball is coming slower and the batter is fooled and swings at air. The pitcher wins the battle because they switched strategies and approached the situation with a different idea. Switching Strategies is the buzzword bingo entry for curiosity, and it can be a very powerful thing within a wellness journey.

The question for a business is, when is it appropriate to switch strategies on health and wellness for their workforce? Mark Chussil, founder and CEO of Advanced Competitive Strategies, INC. suggests that businesses approach these changes as if they were thinking of ways to improve the company strategies.

Ripple Changemakers can help manage expectations and strategies to make sure performance is on par with expectations and will lead to the results desired. Changemakers know when to change-up, let them help you keep your wellness journey going.

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