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  • Hannah Burns



Everyone strives for success, or at least that is what they tell themselves every day. In order to be happy, they need to be successful at the things they set out to do. It is a very small group, maybe non-existent, that goes into a situation with a desire to fail. With that being the case, why are employees so scared of successes?

It could be that some people do not want to seem arrogant or egotistical by being joyous when it comes to victories or accomplishments, others may just expect themselves to succeed, which means that when it happens, that is just the way it is supposed to be.

There is a very small group out there that dislikes success because it is easier to fail, and if they fail consistently, the bar is set so low that it will not take any effort to get over it. The issue with this approach, is that eventually employees stop trying to get over even the low bar and just accept themselves as a failure.

The Ripple philosophy is that success should be celebrated and encouraged, not hidden or treated like every other day. There will not be ticker tape parades or cake and ice cream for every success, but Changemakers will bring out an attitude in every employee in a program that their success is something to be honored and respected. A wellness journey is not always going to be straight forward, with the expected results always coming easily, but by being positive about the successes that come down the path, it makes moving past the roadblocks much easier.

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