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It is much more effective to stop a leak at the source than to continuously try and wipe up the mess as it flows downstream.

This is the issue with the current healthcare system in the US to date. According to the American Public Health Associate executive summary, “Despite spending more than twice what most other industrialized nations spend on health care, the US ranks 24th out of 30 such nations in terms of life expectancy. A major reason for this startling fact is that we spend only 3% of our health care dollars on preventing diseases (as opposed to treating them), when 75% of our health care costs are related to preventable conditions.”

Ripple Changmakers will develop programs that can help avoid costly health issues further down the road. By incorporating environmental support, education, and individual wellness coaching into those programs, Changemakers can make a huge difference in the way employees go about their daily life. By teaching how to combat life challenges where they start, Ripple helps to stop the leaks.

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