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  • Hannah Burns



When people think of a wellness journey, the first thoughts are most likely not revolving around the stamina that it takes to go down the path they are choosing. Thoughts of how to be better to themselves or colleagues or just people in general are the main areas people start with, but in order to do any kind of self improvement, you need to have the ability to sustain the constant effort and energy the trip will take.

Ripple has the resources to not only help structure a wellness program, but also the expertise to help build the stamina that is needed to execute it.

Our Changemakers can help build stamina by advising on how to balance everyday life. Knowing when to push through something is just as important as knowing when to back off, and that is not an easy skill to master.

If a body is taxed beyond its limit, trying to physically workout will become such a challenge that it could lead to abandoning the plan, which is the worst possible outcome. At Ripple, we want to be that voice within someone that tells them how they can better use whatever energy they currently have in the most positive way possible.

Proper nutrition, a healthy mental outlook, and better physical fitness are all building blocks of a successful wellness journey, and Ripple Changemakers have the knowledge to shape the mindset of people and companies so that stamina levels are at the peak needed to move along toward being better.

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