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One of the hardest parts of a race is the finish. You are completely drained of all energy, you have given everything to get to this point and you are in the homestretch, the finish line might even be in sight, and you just need to power your way through to the end.

Right now, businesses, managers, and employees are trying to make it to the end of the pandemic, with the second wave that is now occurring requiring everyone to have the stamina to continue to the end.

The initial fear of the pandemic has subsided and now everyone is tasked with trying to work through boredom and fatigue. Dr. Merete Wedell-Wedellsborg, a Ph.D. in Business Economics from Copenhagen Business School and an M.A. in Psychology from University of Copenhagen (Clinical Psychology) suggests the following to get us through the long slog of a year ahead of us.

Ask yourself, are you doing all you can to emerge from the pandemic a stronger company? Rest is important outside work, but while working its important to plan for the future, rather than sitting around waiting for what might happen. Take action.

Part of that action can be working with compassion for your co-workers. Try to think less about the spreadsheets and flowcharts and more about open conversations and having an understanding for their day to day struggles. If something is not exactly right, try to work with them on fixing it, not just telling them it is wrong. Help them get to the finish line, do not just wait there for them, yelling to go faster, they may not have the stamina left to get there.

Containment, the ability to observe and absorb what is happening around us and provide a sense of stability, set limits and help each other back onto the path of a positive wellness journey can go hand in hand with compassion.

And lastly as LEGO Group defined it “Energize Everyone, Every Day”.

Share the success stories, pump up co-workers and employees, prioritize projects that help the bottom line and will give everyone a sense of pride and accomplishment. That is how you give others the energy to succeed. It does not come out of nothing, so be the one who creates it.

At Ripple, we have Changemakers that can help teach companies how to generate physical and mental energy, to help build your team’s stamina in this last mile.

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