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Relaxing is normally thought to be an end of the day activity. Work is over, the computer is shut down, the kids are fed and off to sleep, and Jeopardy has just crowned the champion for the day. A nice cup of tea, maybe a yoga session or HIIT workout. At Ripple, the belief is that relaxation time does not need to be after everything else is over, in fact, if it is sprinkled throughout the day, it can greatly reduce chronic stress.

Meditation breaks will make managing emotions easier, a chair workout can get the blood moving and re-energize for the afternoon crush, a walk to the mailbox can provide mind clearing fresh air. All of these and more will make the finish line feel closer and while you might still be tired at the end of the night, you will feel much more fulfilled.

Ripple Changemakers will design programs that include sessions that allow employees to recharge their batteries and re-focus on the tasks at hand, before they lose control of the day and start going down the wrong path.

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