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  • Hannah Burns



Changemakers will help employees develop their ability to speak up by showing them that their opinions are valid. In many situations, employees will remain silent because they think they are not worthy of voicing their opinions. However, by holding these things in, they are not only damaging their well being, but the silence could be quietly wounding the foundation of their relationship with co-workers or management.

In the fast paced corporate world, there is an onus on the employee to take care of themselves to a degree. Trying to depend on other people to notice a bad situation or to fix something for the good of the employee is not a great strategy. Ripple will design a program that has communication between people front and center, so no employee needs to wait for someone to come in and save them, they will be able to be their own hero and build stronger relationships by being a contributor and collaborator to the greater success of the company and their own wellness journey.

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