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Over the past year, employees have been asked to completely restructure their working environment and routines. Commuting time has been reallocated, taking the time spent in the car or on the train and using it more productively in both work and personal ways. Billions of dollars in business travel has been unspent, and the efficiency of the work day has also increased ten fold.

So why are we returning to the office?

The connection with people and the business is the driving factor. In-person work promotes agile thinking, collaborative problem solving and helps to build a strong overall corporate culture, where people have a bond to a company, instead of seeing it as a logo in the background of a zoom call

Alexandra Samuel, co-author of Remote, Inc. says “You should pretty much get rid of every desk in the office. My feeling is that if you’re going to sit alone at a desk, stay home. There are jobs that are the exception, but in most cases, the point of the office is other people, and the point of home is focus”.

Ripple Changemakers have life coaching programs that can support this transition back to the office to help make it a connection point with co-workers, where communication is key. Gone should be the mindless meetings that could have been settled in an email, and Changemakers will teach employees to be present, engage and collaborate, and lead out a crisis, which is something everyone now has experience in.

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