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  • Hannah Burns



One of the most favorite parts of the day at Ripple is snack time. By definition, snacks are casual. Normally snacks are eaten on the go, in between the larger daily meals, to keep energy levels up and the day moving forward. Ripple also believes that there should be mental and physical snack time, to positively impact a wellness journey.

A walk to the mailbox, taking the stairs instead of the elevator, or taking the dog out for an extra loop around the block. These physical snacks can help get the blood moving and restart your motor. What about a few deep breaths or a quick power nap to help reset your brain and let go of some of the stress. These mental snacks can help fuel creativity and positive energy when the going gets tough.

Everyone needs mini check-ins to help their metabolism, their body and their mind make it to the finish line. As with edible snacks, everyone has different needs when it comes to snack time, so everyone’s plate will look a little different.

Ripple Chanagemakers can empower employees to learn how to develop small, casual routines that fuel them to quick wins. This week on the blog, we’ll discuss the different ways to incorporate snacks into your life and help you stay focused and energized when dealing with the rigors of the daily grind, to help you snack back into reality...not sorry at all for that.

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