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Breaking away from a routine, something that has given comfort and stability to life is incredibly difficult, especially for employees that try to do it all at once. Change brings many kinds of emotions in most people, even if it is a change for the better, but the key to making things better is knowing to limit those feelings.

Ripple Changemakers deploy the approach that not everything can be shifted right away. The belief that small changes, done consistently, will be the most beneficial in the long run is a pillar of the Ripple philosophy.

Someone who has never cooked before will often find it overwhelming, intimidating or even heartbreaking if they try to cook a 5 course meal their first time in the kitchen. By starting small, with simple recipes that might cover part of a meal, say preparing roasted vegetables as a side for a rotisserie chicken bought from the grocery store, the avenue for success is much wider and less congested with failure potholes.

Same can be said for any other wellness path. Exercise or meditation or just simple positive outlooks will best be cemented in an employees life if they do not try to conquer the mountain all at once. Changemakers will keep employees and businesses from getting too far ahead of the end goal, keeping them in the correct lane, going the correct speed, to best reach the final wellness destination.

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