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The overly adaptable trap, the perfectionist trap, the imposter syndrome trap, the over-engagement trap, the I can’t do anything about it trap

According to University of Pennsylvania Graduate School of Education senior fellow Kandi Wiens, people who are able to avoid the burnout of high stress jobs steer clear of the “self-sabotage traps”.

They are able to step around those traps by having mindfulness when the stressful situations arise. They do not allow their emotions to cause snap judgements or irrational thought and they are able to work through the stressful situation with patience and poise, to ultimately emerge with positive and productive actions.

Ripple Changemakers help all employees feel more in control of their lives by asking simple questions that can get washed away by the way of stress that can become a tidal wave for most. “Is this really a deadline or is this self-inflicted pressure?”

By helping to clarify the context and providing a compass for navigating through a situation, Changemakers make it much easier for people to drive forward in the correct gear, instead of spinning their wheels in the mud.

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