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Why is destructive behavior such a draw? It is comfortable. Think about it, there have been countless studies about the dangers of smoking, overeating, not enough exercise, drinking too much, and many other “vices” but these dangers are still very present in everyday life and seem to be a draw for a lot of people trying to get down the path to better wellness.

Some are habits, routines that have been ingrained in an employees everyday life that is very hard to break without feeling like something is missing or that they are not living like they should be. People are less likely to stick with something if it makes them uncomfortable.

Ripple Changemakers can help employees recognize the destructive behaviors before they have the opportunity to get in the way of achieving the target goal. For most, moderation is a very real compromise that will allow them to continue down the road toward a better future, without feeling like the change is too much. With time, the moderation of these behaviors have a profound effect on the employee, by showing them that what they thought was a necessity was actually a nice to have, and then okay to have, and ultimately, something that is not at all needed within their life.

It is certainly not easy to break a habit, destructive or otherwise, but by making some different life choices, just a little at a time, can make a big difference in overall health and wellness.

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