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  • Hannah Burns



One research proven way to help boost employee morale and performance is with some simple words that would make every mother proud, Please and Thank You.

It may seem like basic workplace (and worldly) etiquette, but studies have shown that using positive psychology, which is what words of gratitude are, may help improve self-control and interpersonal relationships.

Workforces are stressed out, especially now during a pandemic, and colleagues are often the target of that pent up frustration and negative energy. A successful business needs to derail that toxic behavior.

Ripple ChangeMakers can help managers emphasize and lead with gratitude and appreciation at work, setting an example for all employees to treat each other with the respect and care that promotes a healthy workplace. A culture of gratitude will not only help the bottom line, but it could make both the professional and personal lives of the employees richer and more fulfilling, please AND thank you!

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