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  • Hannah Burns



In business, when designing a benefits strategy, creating a competitive benefit plan and matching interests with the employees are two top considerations, according to the Wellable in the 2021 Employee Wellness Industry Trends report, but rising health care costs are still the top of the decision pyramid.

With the COVID-19 pandemic still raging through the country and the world, businesses are still waiting to see the true impact it will have on the expenses of health care. The rising costs will make an impact on the other benefit offerings they are able to include in their packages, and the higher the costs the less opportunity they will have to include other wellness focused options, which would benefit their employees in ways outside of the traditional medical insurance coverage.

Ripple, using customized programs that optimize every dollar allocated for the wellness journey, will make sure that the return on investment is positive, accelerating the workforce toward being better and more fulfilled, regardless of the amount available for the trip.

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