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What if a company partnered with experts in the fields of wellness to tailor programs that address the unique needs of each business? Functional medicine, nutrition, fitness, psychology, stress management, and social support groups are all areas that can be combined into a program that will positively impact the sum of a business employee's needs. This question was the genesis of Ripple, and it is why it exists today.

There is no one blanket solution for all individual employees. Eating better does not work for everyone. Working out everyday is not a possibility for some people because of physical limitations. Do not stress as much is quite possibly the definition of easier said than done. However, if a business can tap into resources that are able to combine those ideas and disciplines into a wellness program, the impossible task of addressing each unique case can quickly become a very real scenario.

Ripple is motivated by the challenges of creating these types of programs and will always be working toward newer and better ways to facilitate their creation. From consistently looking for new Changemakers, to the Founder taking classes to become a more effective Changemaker herself, Ripple will always strive to be the best for a business and their employees' wellness.

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