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A recent Bloomberg News article by Sarah Green Carmichael cites research that says non-managerial workers who were forced into remote roles during the pandemic gained about an hour of personal time back into their lives. That time, which was mostly saved by not having to commute to the office, was used for cooking, exercising, reading, napping and spending time with family and pets. This could be the number one factor that is causing non-managerial employees to resist the movement back into the office setting.

Studies also show that managers were only able to gain 23 minutes of personal time back being remote, due to the added responsibility that comes with trying to manage remote employees. This could be why most higher ups in business want to see a return to traditional work environments.

While it is inevitable that most employees will need to return to the office for some duration of time, Changemakers are here to help that process not be as difficult. By helping employees with better time management and developing prioritizing skills, Ripple programs will make sure that the personal time gained during the remote period is not completely forfeited once in-person work resumes. By being patient with themselves, employees can make the transition smoother for themselves and everyone else around them and Changemakers are here to help take care of the rough edges that might otherwise snag someone along the way.

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