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Having to make changes to anything in the daily routine is a very difficult task, even for employees who want to break out of their comfort zone and do things differently. Behaviors have become routine because they have a comfortable feeling to them, people know what the outcome is most likely going to be, and to be able to plan for that beforehand provides a safety blanket for their well-being, or so the thinking goes.

Ripple believes that change is a good thing, because it opens up new thoughts and experiences, which can be beneficial to the betterment of everyday life, but Changemakers also recognize the struggle that will come with moving away from the normal for most people.

Shedding the fixed mindset and starting to operate with a growth mindset will not happen overnight for anyone. Ripple is here to help build that foundation and also encourage and nurture employees who are going through the process of re-thinking their, well, thinking.

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