• Hannah Burns



Personal quicksand, one of the most dangerous obstacles along a wellness journey, is also one of the most common issues facing someone who is trying to make a positive change.

It is the feeling that something will go wrong, and that when it does, something else will go wrong, and then another thing, and another, and another, until the employee feels trapped and cannot get out of the negativity spiral.

So how can an employee get out of the quicksand that is their own outlook and have the ability to deal with the adversity that comes with change?

Ripple Changemakers will help an employee work on their internal perception of themselves by teaching them their strengths and that failure is not a negative thing, but a positive learning experience. Change is not easy, and there will be times that the results are not what is desired, but with the help of Changemakers, employees can focus more on the good and less on the bad, better equipping them to vault over anything else that lays ahead of them.

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