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  • Hannah Burns



The thought that lifestyle choices affect individual health in profound ways is not a new age way of thinking. Back in the 1970’s, the study of the relationship between health and behavior yielded such a concept.

It is a fairly simple concept to grasp really. By taking the proper steps to provide themselves with what they need to live a healthy lifestyle, employees can have a fair amount of control over their day to day life. If they do not, well, their results will more than likely come up short of the target they were hoping to hit.

While the concept is easy, the execution is not so cut and dry. No one has the same path to being better as anyone else and that is where a lot of the disconnection occurs. Not knowing what steps to take can cause disillusion and frustration, ultimately leading to the end of a wellness journey, sometimes even before it started.

Ripple Changemakers will help put the puzzle together. Helping make the correct choices when it comes to approach and execution of a wellness plan will allow the employee to drive forward on the correct route to better health and equip them with the resources they need to continue to make the best choices for their present and future selves.

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