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One of the big reasons that wellness programs fail to get the results that are desired is because the program is not designed to meet the needs of the people involved. It is hard to take something that is designed as a general population program and make it work for most companies, because oftentimes the reality of employees lives do not fit into the general program.

For instance, if a wellness program is pushing for better nutrition, wanting the employees to cook their own meals during the week, but the employees work for a business that has a busy season, such as tax season for an accounting firm or holiday season for a retail/consumer goods company, the reality is that most employees will not have the time to dedicate to being in the kitchen for an hour a night making meals.

Ripple and the Changemakers ensure that the programs implemented will fit the lives of the people involved by meeting with company leaders and employees and making sure that there is an understanding of the work life balance, the busy times, the down times and everything in between before anything is ever put together. By doing this upfront research, the Ripple program takes everything into consideration and is tailored to fit into the lives of the employee, instead of asking the employee to fit into the structure of the program.

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