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For over a year the workplace has looked very different from what every employee was used to. Offices have sat empty for months, as the majority of the workforce has been stuck at home, turning any viable space in their homes into a workspace. That situation took a lot of time and effort to get used to. Now, with the pandemic starting to show signs of lightening up, businesses will be looking to establish a new normal, and part of that will be re-opening offices.

After going through the transition from working in the office to working from home, employees will be seeing some stresses about trying to manage their lives while getting back into the office. Having to figure out school schedules, child care and any other life event while they are now commuting into office buildings, sitting in rush hour traffic and just trying to get used to office life in the new normal is going to cause anxiety and frustration, which needs to be addressed so that it does not cause harmful issues.

By developing strategies and programs that can evolve and adapt to the change in times and situations, Ripple has the ability to quickly shift gears and allow employees to grow within stressful time, not shrink back to unhealthy routines. It took a while to get used to video meetings and being accountable while working from home, Ripple Changemakers can now help the transition back to the office, so that every employee can feel safe, productive and fulfilled, while still managing to have control over everything else around them.

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