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It’s no surprise women are struggling with the high demands of work and home life in the pandemic. According to KFF Health Tracking, 47% of women reported dealing with anxiety and depression, compared to 38% of men.

So how do workplaces prevent women from quitting the workforce? One solution that has proven effective is Professional Coaching.

By being proactive, businesses can use professional coaching to address small problems and issues before they grow into much larger situations that can become insurmountable and lead to unhealthy behavior.

Professional Coaching can give female employees tangible solutions to the issues that they face in both their career and their life, which in turn will help with employee retention, productivity, and overall wellness.

Lending an ear to female employees improves retention, and more importantly gives them tangible solutions to work through their career and life solutions.

Ripple Changemakers are able to equip women with communication skills that will allow them to articulate their needs and allow those individual needs to be met. In doing so, the business is also supporting the needs of the team as a whole.

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