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It used to be that the best way to combat employee burnout is to throw money at the problem. The belief that any employee issue could be solved with a pay increase has existed in the corporate world for decades, but those times have gone by the wayside. Employees no longer want more money, they want a better way of life and they expect the employer to be the avenue for them to get there.

According to a report by Achievers Workplace Institute, over half of the surveyed employees are planning on getting a new job, a raise of 35% from last year. It is much more common for employees to hit their breaking point and want a change, which can be very costly to a business.

Ripple Changemakers offer help to a business looking to invest in their employees. Ripple programs are designed to help business leaders and managers learn to recognize the signs of employee burnout and to help prevent the employee from reaching their breaking point. Changemakers will also help the employee prioritize their needs and learn how to raise their hand before the stress becomes too much. Avoiding burnout has always been a two way street, Ripple is here to make sure there are no traffic jams along the way.

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