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Subtle and Authentic. Those are the two words that should be used to describe how a company can go about implementing a positive psychology campaign for their employees. It is well known that the happier an employee is, the more productive they will be on a daily basis.

This positive psychology campaign should be built on three of the five pillars of health that Ripple has based our philosophy on; Physical, Intellectual and Spiritual.

Nutrition plan development and education, partnered with a solid fitness program will help employees feel more energetic and engaged in the daily routine. Leadership coaching, with a focus on how to best communicate with workers, will ensure that needs are heard and addressed during difficult times, including the current pandemic.

The third pillar, Spiritual can be a little tougher to navigate, but by cultivating a passion project, something that the employee is interested and invested in, can help find a meaning to the job, which is oftentimes hard to find when things are not going well.

Positivity is not complex. With thoughtful wellness programming, the workplace dynamics can be improved and the impact to employees' wellness journeys can be astronomical. By showing employees that their employer is not just invested in the bottom line, but also authentically caring about their well being, the employee/employer relationship can reach incredible new heights.

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