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Have you ever read the title of an article, or maybe just the first paragraph or two and been super upset about it? This happened to me when I read a piece in the Harvard Business Review by Jennier Moss, which was titled “The Burnout Crisis.” Moss wrote about the six main causes of workplace burnout; unsustainable workload, perceived lack of control, insufficient rewards for effort, lack of a supportive community, mismatched values and skills, and a lack of fairness. Her opinion was that by prescribing self-care as the cure for burnout, the problem was being attacked from the wrong angle. Interventions that come from upstream, addressing the issues at the organizational level are the solution to this mass problem.

As someone who runs a business that addresses workplace burnout and wellness, I was a little offended by the beginning of the article. After reading the whole article, I realize that our thinking is more alike than not.

Ripple Changemakers will address the “organizational burnout” by developing techniques to help managers empathize with direct reports. By helping managers learn to relate better to employees suffering from different emotional stages, as well as control their own emotions when they become overwhelmed, Changemakers are bringing about more than self-care.

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