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Life is about obstacles and being able to overcome them, and occasionally succeed in spite of those obstacles.

Anyone who has ever run for an extended period of time has experienced the feeling of “hitting the wall.” The run becomes too difficult, either because of a lack of fitness or because of soreness or any other factor that makes the thought of continuing unbearable. It would be easy to just walk the rest of the route, maybe even stop all together, and sometimes that is necessary, but by being able to push through that feeling and keep moving forward, the other running phenomenon can happen, which is the “second wind.”

This theory applies to all kinds of life situations, not just running. Stress and failure will occur, setbacks will appear, it is just the way of life. Things will not go 100% perfect and the expectation should not be for perfection, it is unattainable.

Ripple will support employees in these dark times, when the wall they have come up against seems too high to ever get over. Changemakers will teach employees how to approach these obstacles with the right mindset and equip them with the tools to crash through the wall if it is too high to go over. It is very easy to get lost within a moment and not be able to see anything but the obstacle, Ripple is here to provide the insight that not all is lost, and that second wind is coming to push employees to the next level.

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