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  • Hannah Burns



Each day we wake up a different person. For example, some days I wake up full of energy, ready to take on the world and show it that I can handle anything it can throw at me. Other days, my energy levels are the complete opposite. Then other days, I am laser focused, solving any and all problems that come my way, or I could be bored with everything and just not engaging in life that day.

The ability to recognize these thoughts or feelings is referred to as noting and in contrast to most thinking, it does not involve judgement or analysis. When you are noting things about yourself, it involves just observing how you are in that moment.

For me, noting is a difficult technique in meditation, but when practiced often, it has created space within my mind and helps to take the pressure off. I do not need to know why I am thinking or feeling a certain way, just acknowledge that is how I am that day. There is no solution I need to figure out. It just brings awareness to the mood, but stops right there.

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