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One very unique thing about the Ripple approach is that the Changemakers not only know how to rescue employees who have painted themselves into a corner, but they have a genuine want and desire to make sure that no one gets left behind.

By connecting to all the employees as individuals, Changemakers are better prepared to combat the self inflicted wounds that might come up. A larger blanket program might get some people over the line and working toward their better self, but these types of all encompassing programs allow for some employees to slip through, then they hit a roadblock and no one knows they are stuck way back in the distance.

A lot of times these roadblocks are created by the employee themselves. People can get so stuck in a routine that they are not able to get themselves out of it, not by malicious intent, but just by the fact that they are so used to behaving a certain way that it becomes natural and they are on autopilot to the drive thru or to the couch after a long day. Ripple will help switch off that autopilot and make sure that every single employee involved with a program has the tools they need to break through the boundaries that they are often putting on themselves, without leaving anyone behind to fend for themselves.

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